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- Dan Brisebois






Free Webinar

In This Free Webinar



The Key Parts Of A Profitable Crop Plan


The Most Common Complaints Farmers Tell Me About Their Planning Spreadsheets


3 Cornerstones Of An Effective

Spreadsheet System


The Single Thing You Should Change

To Improve Your Planning Spreadsheets



This Webinar Is For You If ...

  • You're a market gardener (of any scale!) who wants to be profitable and achieve an enjoyable quality of life.
  • You occasionally scream at your computer when you can't get a spreadsheet to do what you think it should be able to do.
  • You hate copy pasting information from one cell to another, over and over.
  • You like systems that logically flow from one place to another
  • You want to save 20 years trying to master your crop plan and spreadsheets!


This Webinar Has Been 20 Years In The Making!


When I started working on vegetable farms in 2000, there weren’t many resources to guide you on how to plan what you would grow, harvest and sell.


I spent the first 5 years of my farming career carefully studying the production systems and crop records on the farms where I was first  an apprentice and then a farm manager. I put together what I learned into a unified crop planning system.


In 2005, I put this crop planning system to the test when I started Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm with 4 of my best friends. The system worked! We had a farm that grew what it needed to hit our financial goals!


This brings us to 2010 when  I co-wrote THE BOOK about crop planning with my co-farmer Fred Thériault! (Conveniently called Crop Planning For Organic Vegetable Growers.)


There was only one last lingering problem. Though we had a successful unified crop planning system, we did not have a unified spreadsheet system.  We had a bunch of separate sheets that we had to continuously update by hand.


For the last 10 years my goal has been to get all those sheets into one integrated spreadsheet.


And now that I've got that integrated Crop Planning spreadsheet, I want tell you all about it!

You're Invited To My Webinar!


Two years ago, I started the Farmer Spreadsheet Academy to help farmers build better spreadsheets.


I've been posting spreadsheet tips about the formulas that dramatically changed my life and my farm planning. I've also been posting tips about different ways to approach spreadsheets.


There is only so much I can cover in a 5 minute video so here's a full webinar to present my underlying spreadsheet philosophy.

This is the foundation of how I now build spreadsheets.

I believe that once you understand these spreadsheet cornerstones, you will be able to unleash your spreadsheets to improve not only your crop planning, but all your farm planning and management.

I'm really excited for this webinar because I love to talk about spreadsheets with farmers!

I hope to see you there!


- Dan Brisebois

The Farmer Spreadsheet Academy