Go and record what’s in your field before it’s too late



I’m sure this never happens to you, you plant a bunch of stuff but don’t record it during the growing season?


And then, in the middle of the winter when you’re going to get crop planning, you can’t remember how many beds of peppers you planted last year?


Well, before your season ends, you can take a couple of hours to fix that up.


1️⃣ Start with a spreadsheet listing all your crop blocks and beds.
2️⃣ Transfer whatever crop planning you did to that sheet.
3️⃣ Print out a paper copy.
4️⃣ Head to the field and compare with what is there. Update you sheet. Write notes
5️⃣ Ask your team about anything that isn’t clear to you
6️⃣ Then head back to the office and update your spreadsheet


Now you’ve got a record of your field. If you’re certified organic, this will make your certifier happy.


And you will most definitely be happy when you start crop planning this winter!


You can can download the spreadsheets from this tip below the video! 



I only want the spreadsheets