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The fundamentals to grow garlic so juicy it spits in your eye, so beautiful you swoon in the garden,  and so hardy it stores for a full year!

The Garlic Growing Academy

covers everything to become

A Great Garlic Grower!


The foundation of the Garlic Grower Academy is the fundamentals of growing great garlic.


The course is broken up into 4 sessions. Each session focuses on the important steps for that period of the year.



The first three sessions are recordings of three live sessions I gave over the 2020 growing season.


The 4th session will be coming in Spring 2021


Here are the 4 Garlic sessions

Session 1

Get Ready For Garlic Harvest & Curing

  • When and how to harvest garlic
  • Curing Strategies
  • Cleaning Garlic
Session 2

Make A Plan To Grow The Best Garlic

  • Discover what makes different types of garlic special
  • How to choose the perfect garlic for you
  • Plan your garlic production
  • Grade and sort your garlic
Session 3

Get Ready To Plant Your Garlic

  • Pre-planting Cover Crop Strategies
  • Preparing Your Garlic Beds
  • Planting Garlic
  • To mulch or not to mulch
Session 4 - COMING SPRING 2021

Taking Care Of Garlic

  • Spring Garlic Emergence
  • Weeding Garlic
  • Managing Garlic Scapes
  • Garlic Pests and Disease

14-Day Guarantee

I want you to become a Great Garlic Grower!

But if you feel this course is not giving you what you need to be a great garlic grower, contact me within 14 days of signing up for a full refund.


Not only will you get all the fundamentals of growing high quality garlic



But but you also get these 2 bonuses!



Bonus 1

Garlic Braiding Workshop

Bonus 2

Easy To Use Garlic Planning Spreadsheets

And for those of you


who make a living Growing & Selling Garlic




Upgrade to the



To get these 2 extra sessions



Farmer Session 1

Optimise Your Garlic Workflow 

  • How to approach all the steps of garlic production to get more done better but in less time!
  • Figure out where you are wasting time in your garlic workflow!
  • Understand how garlic fits into your farm operation
Farmer Session 2 

Sell Garlic Profitably

  • How to price your garlic!
  • How to brand your garlic!
  • How to make your garlic stand out!
  • Strategies to scale up your garlic production

Here's what you get when you sign up today!

Garlic Grower Academy


3 Garlic Growing Sessions

Garlic Braiding Workshop

Easy To Use Garlic

Planning Spreadsheets                         



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Garlic Farmer Package


The Full Garlic Grower Academy 

+ Optimise Your Garlic


+ Sell Garlic Profitably



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