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Farm Spreadsheets

For All Seasons

with Dan Brisebois

A complete framework to customize,

plan and manage what you grow,

 harvest and sell.


This program presents everything I’ve learned from farming with spreadsheets  over the last twenty years. We used these systems at Tourne-Sol co-operative farm to scale our farm to provide organic vegetables for 500 families a week and to run a thriving online seed company. During that time our team has grown to 16 people and we’ve set up our spreadsheets so that everyone is able to use them.


Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons isn’t just about a BETTER CROP PLAN. 


It’s about learning the how to customize ALL YOUR FARM SPREADSHEETS!


Not only will you set up an integrated crop plan built to meet your financial targets, but you will also set up systems to monitor and make changes as your growing season unfolds.

And all along you will learn how your spreadsheets work and the simple techniques to customize them. 


With this program, you will be well equipped to tackle all your farm management challenges with a spreadsheet!

Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons

is the ONLY program of its kind that…


  • Offers you a full crop plan framework

    To make sure you grow what you need to hit your sales targets and meet your financial goals.
  • Integrates your harvest projections & records seamlessly into your crop plan.

    This way you can easily see where you at and learn from what happened to make sure you improve with your next crop plan.
  • Teaches you how to customize the crop plan framework to respond to your farm's needs.

    All farms are unique. If the crop plan framework isn't quite perfect for your farm, you'll learn the spreadsheet skills and tools to make it fit your specific situation!
  • Coaches you through the year to MONITOR and ADAPT your crop plan.

    It's one thing to PLAN out a growing season but it's another thing to know what to do when things start to go off the rails. I've got your covered with monthly webinars through the summer that will focus on what you should be thinking about at that part of the year to help your season gets back on track.
  • Creates systems that are easy to share with everyone on your team, so they can follow along and enter data as needed.

    Because what is a good plan if there's only one person who knows how to use it!
  • Works for small scale or large scale growers 

    (no matter how you define those scales, or what you grow! This system works for vegetables, flowers, herbs, & even seed crops.)

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- Dan Brisebois

What Past Students Have To Say About

Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons

I signed up to take Dan’s Master Your Farming Spreadsheets course (now called Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons) last January, immediately doubting whether I should better have spent the money elsewhere. However, as I had already gained so much from his free Farmer Spreadsheet Academy and a Youtube workshop, I figured I owed him for that at least.

And I did NOT regret having spent the money. In fact, using Dan’s simple principles of business and my new-and-improved spreadsheet system, our farming operation has been the most efficient it has ever been. Our sales are up 33% from last year and almost 100% from the year before, without an increase in land space or labor.

I highly recommend the course, with my thanks to Dan for his tireless efforts to share his expertise

Diane Vetters, Clover Hilltop Farm, Kentucky, USA

I took Dan’s course last winter. Little did I know that the crop planning spreadsheet I created during the course would become the most valuable tool on the farm this season. Dan is very skilled with a variety of spreadsheet apps and is a patient and dedicated instructor. You won’t regret signing up for his class.

Farmer DJ, DJ’s Farm Fresh Produce, Massachusetts, USA

The farmer spreadsheet course helped our farm think of how to have a plan that was more seamless end to end. Ithough we had a pretty robust plan and record system Dan's systematic approach helped us see lots of possibilities for improvements. It also made us think more of using cloud-online tools, and away from desktop applications, and decentralization of data collection. I am looking forward to a full implementation of the learnings this fall.

Don Bowyer, Ignatius Farm, Ontario, Canada

So if you’re ready to adopt a fully integrated crop plan system while learning how to develop your spreadsheet skills ,,,



Here's What’s Inside

Farm Spreadsheets For Every Season


This program is broken into 4 seasons.
Each season, I will deliver a series of modules in live webinars These will be recorded and hosted on a member site so you will always have access to them.


Here are the 4 seasons ...


Winter Spreadsheets

PLAN Your Growing Season

(Already recorded and available as soon as you join!)


You'll start the program by planning out your next growing season. You will work backwards from what you want to earn from your farm. This way you'll be sure that your sales plan, harvest plan, and crop plan are all aligned.

With each Module you will learn new spreadsheet skills and tools that you can not only use to adapt and modify the crop planning framework, but that you can  use to master any spreadsheet you meet in your daily life!


  • Module 1 - How much money does your farm need to make?
  • Module 2 - What will you grow?
  • Module 3 - Develop Your Sales Plan to meets Your Financial Goals
  • Module 4 - Set Your Harvest Plan to align with Your Sales Plan
  • Module 5 - Build Your dynamic Crop Plan that stays up to date with Your Sales & Harvest Plans
  • Module 6 - OrderYour Seeds so you make it all happen 






Spring Spreadsheets

Get Ready To MONITOR Your Season 

(Already recorded and available on March 25 2021)


Now that your crop plan is ready, you will get your monitoring systems up and ready for the coming growing season.


  • Module 1 - Record and monitor what you plant
  • Module 2 - Record and monitor what you harevest
  • Module 3 - Record and monitor what you sell
  • Module 4 - Keep track of how you plan unfolds with a Farm Dashboard













Summer Spreadsheets

ADAPT To The Changing Nature Of Farming 

(delivered May to August 2021)


Whereas the first two seasons of this program were heavy on getting spreadsheets ready, this part of the program is about using spreadsheets. Especially in the heat of the summer when you might not be feeling so inclined to be on your computer.

I know that this is the busy time of the year, so there will be only one session per month. We'll focus on what you need to be doing right then and there to make sure you keep your plan on track.


  • May - Make sure your team know how to use your systems
  • June - How to adjust your crop plan on the fly
  • July - Keeping your crop plan and sales projections in sync
  • August - Forecasting to be ready for the end of the growing season






Autumn Spreadsheets

LEARN So Your Farm Can Improve

(delivered in September 2021)

You'll wrap up the program by looking back at what happened to learn from the season.

This is where you will lay the foundations for your next crop plan and set your goals for next year.


  • Module 1 -Analyze and evaluate your farming systems
  • Module 2 - Analyze and evaluate how your crops did
  • Module 3 - Analyze and evaluate your sales and markets
  • Module 4 - Set goals for next year








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You'll also get weekly Farmer Spreadsheet Tips!!!!


- Dan Brisebois

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Master Your Spreadsheets & Master Your Crop Plan


Bonus 1

Spreadsheet 101 Q & A

This is a place for you to ask all your spreadsheet questions. No matter how basic you think the question is, I want to answer it!

Wondering about formulas, formatting, or just how to share files?


I will be your spreadsheet coach to help you gain confidence in your spreadsheet potential and embrace all a spreadsheet can do.


  • 3 recorded sessions available as soon as you join
  • 1 live session in January
  • If you can’t make the Q&As live, you can submit your questions beforehand for me to answer in the session.
  • The live Q&A sessions will be recorded and posted in the member site
Bonus 2

Farm Spreadsheet Community Facebook Group

This is a forum to engage with the whole Farmer Spreadsheet Academy community.


  • Ask all your farm spreadsheet, planning &  management questions
  • Share and exchange with other farmers in the Farm Spreadsheet  community
  • Dan (that'e me!) will be present to answer questions and also post in the group
Bonus 3

Crop Planning for CSA Farmers

Some of the details around CSA (community supported agriculture) programs can make crop planning a bit tricky. This bonus session will help you smoothly integrate all your CSA planning into your crop plan.


  • Available as soon as you join
  • Adapted Crop Plan spreadsheets to meet the needs of planning for CSA
  • Set contents for a diversified basket that satisfies clients
Bonus 4

Forecasting Your Farm Work Load

(This BONUS  is part of the PLAN & MONITOR option, and the 4 Season option)

In this bonus, we will explore the most powerful Google Sheets formula, This will be the most complicated spreadsheet footwork of the  whole program. Which is why I've kept it as a bonus rather than as a key part of the crop plan. But when you take the time to work with Query, you will amaze yourself with what you are able to do without being a computer engineer!


  • Bonus Session in January
  • Transform your crop plan to see your seasonal work load
  • Learn all the parts that make up the Query formula

The Farmer Spreadsheet Academy Guarantee

I want you to transform the way you use spreadsheets and make a clear plan that will meet your needs.

You should be able to see this change right from week 1.

After our first class together, I expect that your spreadsheet skills will improve dramatically and that you will be able to work with spreadsheets in a way that you didn't think was possible.

If you do not not think that your spreadsheet skills have improved after week one, contact me by Nov. 8 and I’ll refund you your money!

Frequently Asked Questions


What people asked before signing up for Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons

This is the year to join Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons


It's been a challenging farm year in all kinds of ways. I'm sure you're familiar with them all. But let's face it, every year on the farm can be challenging. Even if you have all the equipment and gear.

I truly believe that the only way to overcome a challenging year is with a good plan and that's why I created the Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons program. I've seen year after year the value of a solid crop plan not only at Tourne-Sol where I farm but on all the other successful farms that I know, And I want to help you build a solid crop plan so that your farm can be successful.

This program does come with a 1 week money back guarantee so you can sign up without risk.

But I think that once you join Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons, you won't want to leave!

- Dan Brisebois

Registration For Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons is over for now.


If you want to be notified when registration will open again, you can sign up to get my weekly emails.

You'll also get weekly Farmer Spreadsheet Tips!!!!


- Dan Brisebois