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The Farm Season Review Challenge


Make sure you learn from this season
so you can plan for an even better next season.




4 Week Season Review

  •  Live - Sept 21 to Oct 12 
  • 4 weekly sessions with 4 fantastic guests (well, 3 fantastic guests and me!)
  • Come and watch live
  • Q&A periods!
  • There will be replays if you can't make it
  • Oh yeah. it's FREE to join!


Week One

Tuesday Sept 21 at 7pm Eastern

Review with your Team

with Dan Brisebois

The place to start is with your farm team. They are out there planting, weeding, harvesting, selling, and who knows what else. They can see your farm in a way that you can't.


A good season review with your team is the first place you should start when you look back at your growing season.

Week Two

Tuesday Sept 28 at 7pm Eastern

Review the opportunity cost of your sales channels

with Julia Shanks

If you sell at a farmers market, you likely get a higher price for your products than if you sell wholesale. But you also spend more time selling. How do you evaluate different sales channels based on the time it takes you to sell and the price you can charge for your products.

Julia Shanks brings a broad range of professional experience to her clients, from pilot to chef to serial entrepreneur.  She combines the practicality of an accountant with the creativity of a chef.

Julia works with a variety of clients to help them grow their business. The methodology varies: from writing businesses plans and creating financial feasibility models to recipe development.  Some of Julia’s most intriguing projects include developing a Cricket Cracker recipe for Aspire Food Group and refining the growth strategy of Boston’s first rooftop farm.

Julia received her professional training as a chef at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, her BA from Hampshire College and an MBA, Magna Cum Laude in Entrepreneurship, from Babson College. Julia authored two books. The Farmer’s Office coaches farmers to think like entrepreneurs so they can build a financially sustainable business. The Farmers Market Cookbook highlights the joys of local produce; and helps consumers make the most of local farmers’ bounties.

She sits on the advisory board of Future Chefs and Mass Farmers Markets.

Week Three

Monday Oct 4 at 7pm Eastern

Review your client's experience to better market your farm


Corinna Bench is the co-owner of Shared Legacy Farms — a 400 member CSA and certified organic vegetable farm in NW Ohio. In the early years, she was a simple farmer's wife, who was put in charge of marketing and sales, and had no clue how to do it. After a lot of experimentation, failures, and frustrating moments, she began to study and apply the principles of digital marketing to her ag business. 


The results were so life-changing that she now helps other farmers become confident in their messaging and sales strategy. She is the founder of, which offers free online courses in marketing, the popular My Digital Farmer podcast, and the CSA Marketing Discussion Facebook group. You can follow her on Instagram @mydigitalfarmer.

Week Four

Tuesday Oct 12 at 7pm Eastern



Every growing season starts with great intentions.


You set some goals. You make a plan. 

(Set up a few spreadsheets)


And you get farming.


At this point of the season, as the days get shorter and you're pulling in your storage crops; you're likely feeling sore & tired, and the only thing you're aiming for is a hard killing frost to melt the hairy galinsoga and say goodbye to tomatoes.


The last thing you're thinking about is did you hit those goals and how did your plan work out.

But those are the very questions you should be asking right NOW. 


NOW is the time to stop and reflect.


Everything is still fresh and easy to remember. You can still see traces of most of this year's decisions in the field. And the team is still around so you can ask any followup questions.


NOW is the time to do a Season Review.


And so I invite you to join the Season Review Challenge.


Each week, there will be a live webinar focusing on one part of the challenge. We'll go through key things you need to focus on and we'll set up the week's challenge for you to do on your farm. 


I know that you are still in the field right now, getting the carrots in, and the beets, and the potatoes; and that you still have Saturday markets, and we're not even going to mention all that irrigation and row cover and landscape fabric you need to clean up before the staff ends for the season.


So, the action items for the challenge will be simple. we will also provide you with some tools to make them easy to carry out on your farm.


We'll also provide a few suggestions of ways that you can go further with the material when you have time.


The Season Review Challenge will be a great way to gather with a bunch of farmers and make sure you learn from this season so you can plan for an even better next season.

The Season Review Challenge

Is For You If ...


  • You're a new grower who just wrapped up your first season and want to make sure you're on the right track.

  • You've been farming for a few seasons and you're trying to break through to the next level.

  • You're an experienced grower but you want to make sure you're not missing something
  • You've just wrapped up a tough season and you want to make sure farming is never this hard again.

  • You've had an amazing season, and you want next year to be amazing too!

  • You simply want to learn from your experiences and set yourself up for farming success

A few words from Dan

(your season review guide and self avowed lover of spreadsheets)


A good season review is the compost in which to plant the seeds of next year's farming success.

To make good compost you need to carefully turn the pile and bring the stinky bits to light and make sure everything is well aerated.



But don't worry, a good season review is not only about the stinky bits. It is also about celebrating successes and building on what already works. 


From year 1 at Tourne-Sol co-operative Farm, we've made a point to stop and look back at the season to analyze and reflect on how it went before planning the next year.

Having a clear understanding of how things went (the good, the bad, and the ugly) let us work towards our farm vision and learn from our mistakes.


I know that your farm is unique, and that each farm has its unique  challenges to over come.

I also know that you will benefit from taking the time to stop and review your season.

I would love for you to join the 4 week Farm Season Review Challenge and learn from this last season so that next year can be a great farming season!




See you in the challenge! 


- Dan Brisebois